Pattaya Girls – how to meet for marriage or dating

Pattaya, Thailand is basically a “playground” for men. The tourism in this region of Thailand focuses on the bars, beaches, and the beautiful girls of Pattaya.

The Pattaya girls are very well known to be attractive, traditional, and look to take care of their pattaya girls Thailand husbands or boyfriends. Thai girls are often friendly and subservient. This may be very attractive to Western or European men.

Thai women often take on the traditional roles of family, as well as a homemaker. A traditional housewife is the role that some men look for, so these Pattaya girls are very desirable to many men.

It is easy for men to meet a Thai girl for dating or even a more serious relationship. Many men even return from Pattaya engaged, or even married to a Thai girl. The intention that you have with Pattaya girls may be just casual or it may be serious. If you want to meet a “mail order bride” from Pattaya, you can find that also. On the other hand, if you just want to drink, dance, and have fun in Thailand, you can do that as well.

Is it easy to meet a Mail Order Bride from Pattaya Thailand?

There are plenty of available nice girls to meet in Thailand! There are also what you might consider to be “mail order brides”.

Many Pattaya girls would LOVE to meet a Western or European woman to date or get married.

In fact, if you are a single man walking down one of the main tourist streets in Thailand, you will be constantly bothered by women. (This may or may not be what you are looking for 😉

Pattaya bar girls in this area will always want to speak or meet you if you are walking down the busy tourist streets. Especially in an area called walking street.

There will almost ALWAYS be a beautiful Thai girl for you to meet in this bar area.

This may or may not be something you are interested in depending on what type of relationship you are looking for.

Should you Date or marry a girl from Pattaya?

MOST people who are experienced with these tourist areas of Thailand, say that it is NOT SMART to date a bar girl from Pattaya.

Although, I do not have personal experience, I would say that you should definitely be careful if you decide to date a girl who works in a bar in Pattaya. (If what I’ve heard is actually true).

Pattaya bar girls are exposed to a bevy of drunk guys every night. They may be completely jaded towards men after this type of experience, so it might be a bad idea to fall head over heels for them. Many of these girls may be seeking money. They will definitely know how to play on a guy’s emotions, because they are constantly exposed to drunk men.

Some Pattaya girls will take advantage of lonely guys cruising these bar areas. Some men will quickly fall in love with a Pattaya bar girl, in order to end up paying the majority of her bills. If you know what the deal is, then this type of situation may be acceptable to you. On the other hand, if you are a trustworthy guy looking for love, you might end up in a difficult situation if you aren’t careful.

What do Thai Pattaya girls look like?

Pattaya girls are generally “very small and petite” compared to many other foreign brides across the globe.

Like most Asian women, they will usually have dark hair as well as petite feature. Pattaya girls tend to be very friendly towards foreigners, whom they call “farang”.

Tourism is such a huge part of their life and culture in Thailand, that they are very comfortable with the men who come to this region to meet the Thai girls of Pattaya.

Are there mail order brides in Pattaya?

There are, what is often referred to in the states, as “mail order brides” in Pattaya. You do not actually have to travel to Pattaya to meet these women. You can visit a Thai dating website or a site specifically designed to connect men with single women in the area.

There are Pattaya girls who would love to meet a nice man in order to move out to the states or Europe and get married. BUT, you should always be careful if you meet a Thai girl through a marriage agency.

Some girls of Pattaya see men as a way to generate an income, while others might be looking for love or even marriage. In the case that you do meet a Pattaya girl and want to get married, you may want to have a long courtship. This will help you determine a Thai woman’s true intentions, so you don’t get caught in a one-sided relationship.