Gaming or gambling on a Sunday afternoon? Why not, when you can play poker anytime, anywhere

poker 99

Ask your granddad or grandma if they can remember such days. There’s one story that goes that little grandma managed to squeeze her way out of the toilet window down at the bowling club when word got out that the cops were on their way to do another routine raid. She was quick as a buzz that no-one knew she was ever there playing a round of gin rummy with her card pals. You would think; all that trouble over a few coins.

Yup, folks, that’s how it was back then. If they (or you) were old enough then, ask your folks if gambling on any day of the week was banned back then. While it was okay to play with your money in some famous spots around the world, it was not okay in most cities and towns around the world. That is until such time that most regimes woke up to the idea that they could make quite a load in tax dollars and other forms of revenue.

Now today, they try as they might to put a clamp on gambling activities, but you see, they can’t. It’s very difficult to police the internet. But even so, why would they want to watch the rest of us, because all we want to do is get our rocks off with big time players at online clubs like poker 99. Ninety nine point nine times out of a hundred, the gaming activities at places like poker 99 are so legit, they needn’t have bothered. And would grandma and grandpa have bothered if they were still around today.

Or for that matter, would your folks bother today, now that you’re gaming and gambling today. If they’re still that old school, you might have to teach them, because most of the time you’re accessing your favorite games from your smart mobile device. They may struggle. But then again, probably not. Today’s working moms and dads all have their own mobiles too. They need it for work. And they can use it for fun too.